South Sudan's coat of arms, national anthem and flag

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The official coat of arms, national anthem and flag of the new Republic of South Sudan.


National Anthem


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The coat of arms

Coat of arms- Justice, liberty and prosperity



The approved and official flag of the Republic of South Sudan (shown below) was adopted from the flag of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement (SPLM).

According to the SPLM Constitution, the SPLM flag is described as fort:

The flag of the SPLM is rectangular; its length is twice its width. It is a horizontal band of four colours comprising from the top to bottom black, white, red, white and green.


The black, red and green colours are equal bands. The width of each of the two white bands is one-third of any of the other bands.

A blue triangle with the base at one end had its apex at the middle, a distance one third of the length.

A yellow star occupies the middle of the triangle’s height.

Black colour represents the identity of the Sudan and Africa. The two white colours represent peace. The red colour represents the blood of the martyrs in the struggle for liberation. The green colour represents the land, agriculture and its natural resources. The blue triangle represents the Nile waters symbolizing unity on new bases. The star represents the vision and the guiding principles that constitute hope, whereas its yellow colour represents the nucleus formation of the nation and its renaissance. (SPLM Constitution)


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