Malik Aggar to head SPLM in the north

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PB appoints comrades to head the SPLM in the north...

JUBA (14 Feb) - Cde. Malik Aggar has been appointed to head and restructure the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) in northern Sudan, the Political Bureau (PB) resolved Sunday during their first ordinary meeting this year.

Cde. Malik Aggar, governor of Blue Nile State, will team up with Cde. Abdel Aziz Adam Al Hilu as deputy and Cde. Yasir Arman as Secretary-general.

The appointment comes just days after the party announced that it will split into two independent parties when the South officially secedes.

Speaking to the press on day two of the four-day PB meeting in Juba, the Secretary-general of the SPLM Cde. Pag’an Amum told reporters that the three comrades will form committees comprised of members of the SPLM National Liberation Council (NLC) from the 15 states of northern Sudan to run the affairs of the party there until a general convention is held.

He went on to point out that the two parties, regardless of future unforeseen disagreements between the two states, will continue strive to achieve the vision of the New Sudan of building a free society based on the principles of justices and equality.

He also mentioned that the SPLM in the north will be key in improving relations between the two states.

On 09th July 2011, South Sudan will officially secede and become the 54th African Nation.



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