Martyrs' Day Message from the SPLM Secretariat

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Martyrs' Day Message from the SPLM Secretariat


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SPLM Secretariat Message on the Martyrs’ Day

Dear peoples of South Sudan, the marginalised areas of Sudan and the international community. We are on this day of 30thJuly 2011 celebrating a very big event in memory of the lives of our beloved over 2.5 million martyrs whose blood paid for our freedom in both Anyanya and SPLM liberation wars, and even before.

This celebration is a special one because it is taking place at a time when the people of South Sudan are at last free! The Theme of this year’s Martyrs’ Day celebration is: “The blood of our martyrs has cemented our national foundation”.

South Sudan is now an independent nation, a member of the United Nations (UN) and also the African Union. Our country is also qualified to enter into any international agreements and covenants with other nations. We have our first president of the Republic, Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit. Like other independent countries, South Sudan has its national institutions, a flag, National Anthem, currency and coat of arms. We are free at last!

We duly thank Moses John Garang and Joshua Salva Kiir Mayardit for bringing us to this day. It has been a long walk home, but we are here at last. Thanks to all our forefather martyrs, sons and daughters of South Sudan, for sacrificing for our freedom.

This nation, South Sudan, although bought with blood of our martyrs is also a gift from God. On looking at our River Nile with all its tributaries, the mountainous Equatoria, the alluvial plains of Upper Nile and the rich savanna of Bhar el ghazal, and above all the good humble peoples of South Sudan, one wonders how God created and chose this place for us all to be. It is a country we must love and die for it. Our martyrs were never wrong to die for our freedom.

SPLA! SPLA! SPLA! Millions thanks for being our servant army. You went to bush and braved the forests. You went thirsty and hungry, fought and paid all the prices for us to be free. You emerged victorious. Yes, we are free at last! You did it, we did it.

United Nations and the Non Governmental organizations (NGOs), thank you for bringing us water, food and medicine when we were not a country and government. We will one day support other weaker nations as you have done to us during those bad days.

In all the support to our widows and orphans, the Church has been our ambassador to the world and source of hope and encouragement. Thanks to Church for the spiritual leadership and sustenance.

IGAD, the people of South Sudan will not forget how you tirelessly worked hard to bring about the Comprehensive peace Agreement (CPA). The CPA has stopped loss of more lives in South Sudan. However, this is not enough as the NCP Government in Khartoum has failed to implement the Abyei, Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile Protocols on Self determination for the people of Abyei and Popular Consultation for the people of Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile. We are still optimistic that the United Nations, the African Union and the IGAD will continue to work hard to stop the unnecessary bloodshed in Southern Kordofan and Darfur.

Now that we are free at last, we need to build this nation for ourselves and the coming generations that are not yet born. For this to take place, we need to reconcile among ourselves. The amnesty which the SPLM Chairman and President of the Republic of South Sudan had issued on the eve of the declaration of our independence on 9th July must be echoed with positive attitude and behavior. This is our number one requirement.

The people of South Sudan have always been very hard working and full of appreciation for each others’ worth. We need to adopt culture of hard work and to fight attitude of mental and physical idleness and redundancy. The self harming practice of drunkenness, jealousy and hatred should be discarded in favour of war against corruption and nepotism. This will be a school of values for those generations that will be born as South Sudanese and not as Dinka, Zande, Fertit, Nuer, Bari, Acholi or Toposa…and the like.

From today onwards, let each and every one of us who is placed in a position of recruiting/appointing people into any position and capacity appoint those professionals as the right competent men and women in the right functioning roles. Value of hard work, honesty and the pride for being a South Sudanese constitute a multiple engine for the nation building. Let us start today with this attitude.

Decentralisation is a very good tool for delivering services to people in very remote localities and the peripheries of a nation. It should not be translated as tribalisation whereby the service delivery is limited to daughters and sons of a particular state or community.

Employment of people of ability to deliver services to people should be based on the citizenship of a greater tribe called South Sudan. For example, a non Dinka can work in Warrap or Lakes state because he/she is a citizen of South Sudan with relevant skills and experience.
Building the nation of South Sudan must look for real sons and daughters who have commitment to perfection and excellence in achieving assigned tasks. This entails understanding what the martyrs died for and demonstrating to the people of South Sudan and the international community the difference between the alien rule and the administration of the native sons and daughters of the land.

SPLM, your beloved and favourite party, has brought independence and still has a Mission to build our nation. This was spelt out clearly in the SPLM government programme of work after the party’s landslide victory during April 2010 elections. SPLM has delivered on all the promises made. We are now free and the promise before us today is the prosperity of our people. We must come back to a pivotal point that combines hard work, accountability, unity and commitment to do what is right to fulfill this promise. Let us renew our membership and loyalty to SPLM so that we realize the vision of our great martyrs.

God bless South Sudan
Long Live people of South Sudan
Long Live Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit

Cde Bol Makueng
SPLM Secretary for Information, Culture and Communication

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